Is this just a dream?

This is my new interest, quite the cute and interesting girl she is. She makes me happy and thats all that really matter <3. She has been asking me to do something with bubbles, So here it goes. AP art Presents : Is this just a dream?



First day of class o_0!

Today was my first day back as a student at WCC in over a year. I took an unnecessary break from school due money issues =/, but I am back and happy to be back. I ❤ school. Todays Digital Imaging class was EXACTLY what I expected it to be, filled with creative and interesting people. The professor of the class, Deborah Krikun is quite the character her self, which I don’t mind, it will make for and even better class. Another few pluses to my class, my friend Gina from a few of my computer classes, is in my class. Now I have someone to chat with, not saying that I wouldn’t get to know other people. The other plus is that there are alot of cute girls in class =]. Can’t wait to see how this semester plays out and the people I may get to know.