Cubism Theme

I have pictures of my gaming controller from different angles and i want to incorperate it into a cool star like design.


Cubism Update

This is my sketch

Motion 1:

I began with the image of the MLG logo.

Motion 2:

I multiplied the logo to make a pattern for the background.

Motion 3:

I imported the image of the controller and broke it up into 5 parts.

Motion 4:

I gave the controller a color gradiant overlay to match that of the logo.

Motion 5:

I added lines to break up the image to show it being more cubest like.

Motion 6:

I grayed out some of the areas to add more to the cubism.

Motion 7:

I tried adding “major league gamging” to the center to fill it, at that time i couldnt find anything to place there.

Motion 8:

I ditched the type and just filled it with the logo once again to make it feel more like an ad.

Motion 9:

To finish this project I added like a noise flare or something along the lines of that.


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