This project is a special one. In the midst of the making, i actually broke off into a whole new idea, which in turn i made into another piece all together.

I started with the basic photo of myself that you see here:

For part one: I wanted to be different and do something other then “squares” for the grid project. So I did elongated rectangles.

As i began to work more ideas through my head, I started to play around with the layers as I cut away at it. Changing the opacity and moving some of the layers around, I had begun to see somewhat of a motion blur kind of thing going on and I went with it.

For part 2: I liked the motion blur kind of effect that I discovered so much that I did an experiment with the actual “grid”. Taking the same image I began to cut out squares. Like so:

From there I changed the fill and added a color gradient overlay and an outer glow. Which gave off an even more desirable effect then I had hoped. It gives off the feel as if I were moving through glass and make a new reflection.

And thats a wrap for this one folks.



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