Theme 1: Computers and Humans

I want to have pictures of humans with computer part embedded into them depicting that we are all that different from computer or how they work.



Theme 2: Pool

The idea in this theme is to take the pictures of my friends [from the friends theme] and place their faces on the billiard balls with the act of me taking a shot at them.

Theme 3: Friends

I want to take a picture of an empty city side walk and populate it with cropped images of my friends walking.

Theme 4: Watches

Take pictures of people wearing watches and fade out the bodies a little to show that time never stops and people come and go.

Theme 5: Gaming

Crop an image of me holding a controller and the cord of the controller would be the lease for the Democratic and the Republican symbols, depicting that something are not as they seem.


Hyper Project Update: 1

So I’ve decided to go with theme number two. I have the pics in place as needs from my photoshoot, and the pics of my friends. Now to just put in the work and get this bad boy done ^_^


Hyper Project Update 2:

These are some of the screen shots through out my work.

This was part or how the original project was suppose to turn out:

Picture of me playing pool + Pictures of my friends and me on the billiards

This is me continuing what krikun wants me to do:

Took my Hi Res picture that was smaller then 13″x 19″ and extended it using the polygon lasso tool and the droplet tool to get the colors of the table.

I cleaned up some of the extension and made it blend a little more then it did before. And began working on the background.

This is more work on the background.

I couldnt come  to a conculsion on how to finish the background so i got to work on the billiards, which i cropped from the another Hi Res picture that at took at a different angle.

Picture of the billiards i used:

And this is the billiards added to my work:

I cleaned up some of the edging of the billiards and tried workin on changing the lighting of the billiards s that they try to blend with the original lighting of the picture.

I scratched the whole idea using the billiards i had previously, and decided to get rid of them and work on the background.

I filled the background completely.

I remade the que ball using the 3D tool in photoshop CS5.

Using the same toold to make the que ball, I used it to make the rest of the billiards with the imaes of me and my friends. and I also gave the ball a shadow to make it feel more realistc .

Then i added more billiards and completed  this project.


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